Empowering Your Omics Research
    • YourCrosstalker provides a simple, visual way to view functional connections between pathways, proteins, genes, and systems.

      YourCrosstalker is a simple, visual program providing better understanding of interactions within biological systems. It combines network analysis with robust visualization to illuminate your systems biology analyses.

      Built In Data Sets

      You don’t need your own data to use YourCrosstalker. We’ve pulled from many public data sets in order to ensure that you can obtain meaningful insights about your area of interest without needing to start from scratch. We put you closer to understanding the entire known realm of interactions of your gene, protein, or pathway of interest before you even pick up a pipette.

      Lightweight & Web-Based

      Do you cringe at the thought of installing servers? No worries – you can use ours.  YourCrosstalker is entirely web-based so there’s no additional spending on IT, no waiting for systems to be set up, and no bothersome compatibility requirements. Just sign up and start fueling your genius.

      How It Works

      Using YourCrosstalker is incredibly easy.  Simply:

      1. Upload a list of genes and / or proteins – we call these seeds – from a tab-delimited file. (FYI, you can also include any annotations of these seeds that you want, such as p-value, cell compartment, mutation frequency, or any else that you’re interested in!)
      2. Choose a Protein–Protein Interaction (PPI) database from a drop down menu (2 PPI databases are available at no additional cost with your YourCrosstalker subscription)
      3. Choose a Pathway database from a drop down menu (3 pathway databases are available).
      4. Choose where to save your results. You can also add notes to the file if you’d like.
      5. Click run.

      The software does the rest, and the user is presented with a concise picture of the sub-networks that functionally connect their seed genes / proteins which they can save or share.

      The software is highly interactive, allowing the user to instantly switch from high level picture connecting multiple complex sub-networks to an examination of the fine details and annotations of the interactions between a handful of molecular targets of special interest.

      Share and Contribute

      YourCrosstalker has simple data import functionality.  Publicly shared data can be freely added to YourCrosstalker at any time by any user.  Help fuel other people’s genius!

      Discover something too awesome to keep to yourself?  With one click you can share findings to the YourCrosstalker community.  You can also use YourCrosstalker’s built-in painting functions and its easy manipulations of nodes and networks to create and export clear, compelling, and visually appealing figures for presentations, manuscripts or just to show your colleagues!

      Let’s Talk Nerdy

      Think this all sounds too simple? Let’s dig a little deeper. After all, it’s your data and you should know how it’s being analyzed.

      YourCrosstalker analyzes data in a unique way that leverages the most up to date understanding of network biology. This understanding tells us several important things about analyzing our -omics data and its interconnections. First, disease or development based phenotypes are caused by differences in expression and activity of multiple interrelated sets of genes/proteins that operate as a sub-network. YourCrosstalker excels at revealing and visualizing these sub-networks. Second, the functional networks present vary with tissue or cell type as well as developmental stage or disease. Thus, reliable assessments of targets within sub-networks and sub-network connections must be dynamic, flexible, and data driven. YourCrosstalker, using a page-rank type of algorithm commonly used for assessing dynamical network topology, coupled to advanced statistical testing, reveals the most significant connections between your seed genes based on a transparent network framework and returns a quantitative score for the “connectedness” of your seed genes or proteins. Thus, you don't just see if your genes/proteins are predicted to be interacting based on a particular database, you see if those interactions are statistically significant (see doi:  10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000639). In addition, the YourCrosstalker tool allows you to compare your results using multiple PPI databases and pathway annotations sets, thus allowing you assess reliability and reproducibility of your sub-network results and pathway annotations, essential for researchers in today’s world.

      To allow the user to easily find the nodes that are most significant, we created the YourCrosstalker score and YourCrosstalker z-score functions. The YourCrosstalker score is related to the percentage of time that the random walk spent at a particular node. The more time spent, the higher the level of activity. The YourCrosstalker z-score is the YourCrosstalker score adjusted by a null distribution, which indicates how unique the YourCrosstalker score is for each node.  Bridge nodes are also added to the visualization to complete the topological landscape of the network by joining clusters of YourCrosstalker nodes.

    • Visualization:
      • Easy drag-and-drop manipulation of nodes and networks for visualization and display
      • One-click short-cuts for network and pathway visualization
      • One-click rescaling of network visualizations
      • One-click viewing pane mode
      • Easy to use toolbar for key display and visualization actions
      Data Sets:
      • Immediate availability to open source data sets
      • Choose which data sets to display at any point
      • Easy and fast data upload
      • Custom PPI networks can be added with immediate visibility
      • Save and export or print network graphs
      • One-click sharing of sharing of results with the YourCrosstalker community
      • Painting functions to provide striking and compellingly clear figures for presentations or manuscripts
      • Spreadsheet download of key genes and pathways
      • One-click annotation of genes and edges
      • All results fully searchable
      • One-click reset button
      • Pathway auto-connect for on-the-fly analysis
    • Your Omics. YourCrosstalker™.

      Have a proprietary database you would like to work with in YourCrosstalker? We’re happy to help!

      Want us to help take your data and develop a functional database? No problem!

      We can customize YourCrosstalker to work with custom data sets. Contact us for more information.

    • Want to see for yourself what YourCrosstalker™ is capable of? The best way to learn about YourCrosstalker™ it to see it in action!

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